Accelerating bold innovations and tech solutions
in the public interest.

We are passionate about working with innovative leaders using science and technology to improve our world. We know that technology must play a critical role in solving the challenges of today – creating a more sustainable planet, improving health outcomes for all people, and empowering individuals to live better, more fulfilling lives. 

Our team of technology leaders are rooted in the spaces driving smart technology forward and bring decades of experience working with fast-growing startups, keen-eyed investors and global technology powerhouses. They also have a deep appreciation for the world of technology policy and are as at home on a Silicon Valley campus as they are in a committee hearing. 

We work closely with companies that are making a difference in the world through unique technology-based approaches to problem solving. We help garner media and investor attention, grow influence as thought leaders and provide valuable counsel as bold innovators seek to navigate complex legislative and regulatory issues.

Communications Capabilities

  • Streamlining Your Message: We help you strengthen and streamline your message within your organization and to external stakeholders, develop materials, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Thought Leadership Content: We craft unique narratives that position you as a leading industry voice, utilizing data and case studies as reinforcing proof points.
  • Media, Analyst, and Funder Relations: We focus your messages for external audiences and place you in the outlets and industry reports where key constituents look to form opinions.
  • Putting You at the Forefront of Decision-Makers and Media: We ensure you are visible at the events that matter and your participation is maximized, whether attending, speaking, or sponsoring.
  • Rapid Response and Crisis Communications: We are at the ready to help you proactively respond to breaking news and important issues by deftly structuring responses to “fire drills” any time trouble arises.

Policy Capabilities

  • Strategic Counsel on Overall Policy Strategy: We provide counsel on how to hone your policy priorities and play a role in cultivating policy change. We work closely with clients to develop and prioritize a strategic policy agenda, identify opportunities for action, and deploy effective tactics that lead to outcomes that matter.
  • Subject Matter Expertise and Technical Assistance: We offer non-partisan subject matter expertise drawing on our extensive collective experience in Congress and the Executive branch in developing and implementing policy.

Advocacy Capabilities

  • Building Your Federal Presence: We help you cultivate relationships with and navigate Congress, government agencies, advocacy organizations, and other key influencers to build support for your policy priorities and identify potential allies for your policy agenda.
  • Lobbying Support: We ensure you have the opportunities to make your case on key policy issues and proposals. Our support includes representing clients directly, helping them shape their messaging, and strategically guiding engagement.
  • Responding to Legislative and Regulatory Proposals: We work with you to build a process for drafting, reviewing, approving, and disseminating statements and responses to legislative and federal rulemaking proposals. When needed, we can also analyze proposals and draft responses on behalf of clients.
  • Influencer Activation: We pinpoint the key thought leaders on specific issues and help activate their partnership. We also work with you to build the capacity, strength, and responsiveness of your grassroots and affiliate networks, as needed.

Areas of expertise

  • Telehealth

    We work with leading mobile health innovators to ensure that their life-saving solutions reach those who need them the most.

  • Biotechnology

    Our team works with biotechnology leaders to deliver new solutions that enable us to diagnose, monitor and treat health conditions.

  • Climate Tech

    From building smarter grids to discovering new approaches to combat carbon emissions, we work every day with leaders using innovation to fight climate change.

  • Renewable Energy

    Moving away from fossil fuels and creating a 21st century renewable energy infrastructure is a generational challenge – and we are here to work with energy leaders realizing a decarbonized world.

  • Food Tech

    From helping create healthier soils to creating plant-based alternatives, our teams are passionate about helping food technology innovators find new markets and change the way we eat each day.

  • Privacy and Security

    We understand that technology is only as good as it is secure. We are committed to working with those who understand that ensuring privacy is key to continuing to ethically grow the digital economy.

Why Waxman

Our team lives technology each day – and we appreciate the role it can play in creating a better world. We are dedicated to working with companies who are innovating in the public interest, helping them reach influential audiences, attract investors, increase market share and navigate regulatory and policy challenges. 

The Waxman Strategies technology team has on-the-ground experience on both Capitol Hill and in Silicon Valley. We know how these two worlds operate and what it means to succeed in both. We deliver full-service communications and policy consulting to progressive-minded companies and are driven by a mission to create a healthier, more livable world through innovative technology solutions. 

Kirsten Maynard

Kirsten Maynard, Managing Director

As the Managing Director of Waxman’s communications team, Kirsten oversees communications strategy and media relations for a variety of clients in Waxman’s Technology, Health and Environment practices.

Case Studies

  • Transforming Organic Waste into Clean Energy

  • Identifying Rare Pathogens With AI + Genomic Sequencing

  • Keeping Hackers at Bay

  • Using AI to Disrupt Big Grocery and Reduce Food Waste

  • Financing Renewable Energy Development

  • Bringing Gig Economy Tech to America’s Hourly Workers

Real Change

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