Karner Blue Capital

Due to climate change and habitat loss, between one third and one half of all species face extinction by the end of the century. Karner Blue Capital, an investment management firm, set out to address this biodiversity crisis by driving investment in nature. Powered by proprietary, data-driven research and modeling, Karner’s innovative investment strategies help protect biodiversity and animal welfare, promote environmental stewardship, and drive more sustainable land management practices.


We worked with Karner Blue Capital to raise awareness around the biodiversity crisis and advance their core mission of advancing animal and planetary welfare through finance. Through a combination of media relations, message development, market analysis, and strategic partnership development, we helped position Karner and its leadership team as innovative thought leaders in sustainable investing, setting the stage for continued fundraising and market growth.


  • Helped establish Karner Blue Capital as an industry leading sustainable investment fund working to hold the finance industry accountable, promote better land management practices, and protect indigenous communities – with high-profile features of the CEO in outlets such as Green Money and Forbes.
  • Conceptualized and developed a “Karner Blue Capital-Certified Leader” marketing packet to raise Karner’s visibility, strengthen relationships with partners and further align forward-thinking companies in Karner’s investable universe.
  • Conducted a sweeping landscape analysis of initiatives leveraging AI, satellite imagery, and big data to monitor and measure nature, and connected Karner to viable tech partners to help build relationships and showcase the firm on the cutting edge of biodiversity in finance.
  • Provided ongoing sales strategy support to assist fundraising efforts with large institutional investors, including leading environmental nonprofits.
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