We believe in the power of intentionality and use core shared values to guide our interactions and decisions. We are constantly striving to live up to our values and examine how we can do better individually and as a firm.

  • connection

    Smell the Roses

    • Celebrates impactful accomplishments and meaningful milestones, collective and individual.
    • Incorporates individual passions and interests when assigning and executing on work.
    • Frequently checks in on others’ feelings and perspectives, creating consistent opportunities for support.
    • Gets to know the Waxman team beyond their immediate collaborators.
    • Is mindful of difference, to connect and learn from there.
  • impact

    Outcomes That Matter

    • Shares their unique perspective through lessons learned, new approaches and experiments.
    • Assesses the potential internal and external impact of the work, including risks.
    • Ensures that all involved are aligned: “should would be______.”
    • Collaborates and adapts in pursuit of goals.
    • Debriefs each project to learn what to share and where to improve.
  • justice

    Equity & Fairness

    • Leads with information about how a decision will be made and by whom.
    • Speaks up about sources of injustice within the firm, and helps others find ways to do so.
    • Collaborates to understand sources of harm, centering impact over intent.
    • Expresses openness to challenging how it was done in the past.
    • Includes those most impacted: “What do you want and need?”
    • Offers coaching, time, and resources to enhance skills that others seek to develop.
  • integrity

    Above The Gamesmanship

    • Lives by the principles that guide how we work with one another.
    • Meets and treats people where they’re at.
    • Proactively communicates mistakes and potential solutions.
    • Makes clear, time-bound commitments so others know what to rely on them for and when.
    • Follows through on commitments.
  • Respect

    Spirit of Generosity

    • Turns assumptions into questions.
    • Listens without interruption to get the full meaning of the person speaking: “Is there more?”
    • Offers timely, specific feedback.
    • Solicits feedback from teammates from all background and titles.
    • Asks others, “What’s your bandwidth?” to honor priorities and boundaries.