Our Commitment to DEIJ

At the nexus of all of our work is a core commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice.

Waxman Strategies conducts our work with the understanding that diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) values are central to our mission, our culture, our success and our impact. With the knowledge of this country’s historically unjust economic and social systems in mind, our organization tries to maintain a workplace environment that embraces the diverse backgrounds and identities of our team, partners and clients.

We strive to make decisions transparently and inclusively, working to eliminate barriers so that all present and future Waxman Strategies staff – particularly those with traditionally excluded identities – have equitable, comprehensive access to resources, opportunities for leadership, and oversight of day-to-day activities.

Guided by these values and commitments, we continue to work on advancing progressive solutions to today’s most challenging problems.

DEIJ at Waxman

  • Diversity

    At Waxman

    We view the diversity on our team as a strength, a competitive advantage and essential to our success as individuals and a firm. Diversity is important, but diversity alone is not enough. Diversity is the foundational element required to build and achieve equity, inclusion, and justice in the workplace.

  • Equity

    At Waxman

    Leadership seeks to provide additional support and eliminate barriers so that all individuals have fair treatment, access, and opportunity. Individuals acknowledge existing gaps and instill equity in day-to-day processes in such a way that redresses those gaps moving forward. Colleagues at all levels work together to continually maintain equity in our workplace, striving for more equitable opportunities, processes, and outcomes by updating and adapting our workflows as needed.

  • Inclusion

    At Waxman

    Authentically bringing the voices, viewpoints, and input of traditionally excluded individuals and/or groups into all consequential decision-making processes in a way that creates a natural sense of belonging, authority, investment and responsibility while actively acknowledging historical wrongs. Waxman leadership and team members should construct and maintain a workplace culture that embraces the diverse backgrounds, identities, and lives of our team, thereby ensuring individuals feel accommodated, respected, and affirmed.

  • Justice

    At Waxman

    Policies, systems and people treat others fairly and uplift their voices, talents, contributions, and rights regardless of personal attributes (gender, race, ethnicity, caste, sexual orientation, disability status, age, etc.). All individuals have equitable access to resources, opportunities to engage with leadership, and processes to improve interpersonal and work-related outcomes. Everyone is held accountable by the same standards and treated fairly under cultural norms and policies. Inclusivity, equity and diversity are prerequisites in order to develop a just workplace. As a justice-seeking organization, we strive to embody these principles with all stakeholders. The firm recognizes, redresses and avoids replicating historical injustices and the groups or individuals impacted by them.

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