Breaking the link between economic growth
and environmental destruction.

Driven by our commitment to the public interest, we use policy, advocacy and communications to achieve outcomes that matter for foundations, non-profits, and clean tech companies.

Waxman works with our clients to deliver transformational change on the biggest issues of our time, including climate, biodiversity, and oceans. Building on Henry Waxman’s legislative prowess and our team’s command of policy, communications, and grassroots campaigning, we develop and deploy inside-outside strategies to win.  

We take on big challenges, like helping philanthropies create strategies to decarbonize previously neglected sectors like heavy industry, or figuring out creative campaign and policy angles to successfully maintain protections for threatened public lands and climate policies even in a challenging political environment. And we’re proud that we incubated and continue to support Mighty Earth, a leading global advocacy organization.   

Our award-winning work combines advocacy, communications, in-depth research to identify powerful economic and political levers, grassroots organizing, and digital organizing. Our team consists of experienced environmental advocates who have a proven track record of taking on enormous challenges to drive transformative change.


  • Moving Corporate Targets: The policies that affect the environment aren’t only drafted by legislators. Corporate policies around the world have huge implications for forests, oceans, and climate, and these corporations are often quicker to move than national governments. We can leverage our extensive experience influencing the private sector to help you improve practices and change the policies that matter. 
  • Strategic Counsel on Policy Strategy: We provide counsel on how to hone your policy priorities and play a role in cultivating policy change. We work closely with clients to develop and prioritize a strategic policy agenda, identify opportunities for action, and deploy effective tactics that lead to outcomes that matter.
  • Subject Matter Expertise and Technical Assistance: We offer non-partisan subject matter expertise drawing on our extensive collective experience in Congress for developing and implementing environmental policy.
  • In-Depth Policy Analysis and Data-Driven Reports: We dig in on specific policy matters, analyzing data, producing comprehensive reports, and commenting on key issues. We use this capability to support you in developing policy positions and responding to policy proposals.
  • Responding to Legislative and Regulatory Proposals: We work with you to build a process for drafting, reviewing, approving, and disseminating statements and responses to legislative and federal rulemaking proposals. When needed, we can also analyze proposals and draft responses on behalf of clients.


  • Coalition Building and Management: We help build and manage coalitions, identifying kindred spirits and unlikely allies who can provide the strength to prevail on major environmental issues. 
  • Lobbying Support: We ensure you have the opportunities to make your case on key policy issues and proposals. Our support includes representing clients directly, helping them shape their messaging and strategically guiding engagement. 


  • Streamlining Your Message: We work with you to define your campaign and put your communications strategy in the proper context within the broader environmental movement. We help develop talking points, briefings, and other materials to ensure that you are communicating your message clearly within your organization, with allies, and with the media.
  • Communications Strategies That Shape Opinions: We develop communications strategy as an integral part of your overall campaign or mission, identifying the messages that can activate donors, move targets, and change minds.
  • Rapid Response and Crisis Communications: We are at the ready to help you proactively respond to breaking news and important issues by deftly structuring responses to “fire drills” any time trouble arises.  


Areas of expertise

  • Industry Transformation

    We have played a leading role in changing the palm oil, chocolate, and rubber industries to dramatically reduce deforestation and improve human rights.

  • U.S. Agriculture

    Too often food production comes at a terrible cost: environmental destruction and human rights abuses. We advocate for reform and for a regenerative agriculture system that sustainably feeds the world.

  • Decarbonization

    Our groundbreaking efforts alongside industry and stakeholders to improve green building practices, decarbonize steel, and reform the heavy industrial sector have made us a leader in the fight to address industrial emissions.

  • Protecting Endangered Species

    Whether the danger comes from a changing climate, habitat destruction, or the rollback of key protections, we have fought to protect endangered species from South America to Africa to Indonesia.

  • Clean Energy

    Moving away from fossil fuels and creating a 21st century renewable energy infrastructure is a generational challenge – and we are here to work towards a fully decarbonized world.

  • Conservation

    Our team has worked with partners to defend public lands, use satellites to monitor more than 100 million acres of tropical forests, maintain funding for critical conservation programs, and worked with Indigenous communities to defend their lands and rights.

Why Waxman

We are in the fight of a generation, working to ensure a healthy, livable planet for ALL people. Everyone here feels passionately about combating climate change, protecting the environment, and building an economy that values people and Nature. This is not just our work; we try to live these values in our own lives. 

That’s what makes Waxman Strategies unique: There’s nothing cynical or feigned when we go to work for our clients. And the sincerity of our commitment makes us effective. Because we care so much about these issues, we aren’t interested in half-measures or phony accomplishments. We have fostered a culture of excellence that delivers results, and we funnel our genuine passion into generating real, strategic outcomes for foundations, philanthropies, and non-profit organizations seeking to make substantive change.

Glenn Hurowitz

Glenn Hurowitz, Managing Director

Glenn Hurowitz is Managing Director at Waxman Strategies, where he leads our environmental practice. Through campaigns, advocacy and communications, he has achieved huge emissions reductions at low cost in sectors including aviation, bioenergy, clean energy, coal, public lands conservation and energy efficiency.

Case Studies

  • Calling out the “Worst Company in the World”


  • Stopping Dirty Energy in Japan


  • Protecting the Habitat of Threatened Great Apes


Real Change

Seize the moment. Send the message. Solve the problem. With Waxman, it’s all possible.

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