Driving the transformation needed
to secure a zero-carbon future.

Guided by our commitment to the public interest and passion for this planet and those who live on it, we use policy research and advocacy to achieve meaningful outcomes for foundations, non-profits, and clean energy companies.

Waxman works with our clients to deliver transformational change on the biggest issues of our time, including climate, conservation, and pollution. Building on Henry Waxman’s legislative prowess and our team’s command of policy, incisive research and expansive relationships, we leverage effective government advocacy to promote technological innovation and enact equitable solutions in the climate sphere.

Recognizing that meaningful change does not come without persistence, we are resolute in our mission to combat the climate crisis and firm in the notion that a sustainable future must be prosperous for all. We know that to confront the enormity of climate change, we must pursue all channels of decarbonization, especially the most difficult ones. Because of this, our scope of climate advocacy is all-encompassing: Building Electrification. Zero Carbon Fuels. Renewable Energy. Carbon Capture and Direct Air Capture Technologies. Clean Electricity Standards. Electric Vehicles. And, embedded in all of our work is a deep commitment to environmental justice and ensuring that those communities most harmed in the past are prioritized in our vision for a more just and sustainable future.

Our team has extensive experience in government and consists of adept environmental advocates who have a proven track record of taking on enormous challenges to drive transformative change. Whether it is in the halls of congress or the upper chambers of the executive branch, we know precisely where the decisions are made, who makes them, and how to influence those actions. These relationships mean that we know the right political levers to pull and enable us to pursue policy objectives from multiple angles. We are unwavering in our determination to secure a low-carbon future.

Policy Capabilities

  • Strategic Counsel on Policy Strategy: We provide counsel on how to hone your policy priorities and play a role in cultivating policy change. We work closely with clients to develop and prioritize a strategic policy agenda, identify opportunities for action, and deploy effective tactics that lead to outcomes that matter.
  • Subject Matter Expertise and Technical Assistance: We offer non-partisan subject matter expertise drawing on our extensive collective experience in Congress for developing and implementing environmental policy.
  • In-Depth Policy Analysis and Data-Driven Reports: We dig in on specific policy matters, analyzing data, producing comprehensive reports, and commenting on key issues. We use this capability to support you in developing policy positions and responding to policy proposals.
  • Responding to Legislative and Regulatory Proposals: We work with you to build a process for drafting, reviewing, approving, and disseminating statements and responses to legislative and federal rulemaking proposals. When needed, we can also analyze proposals and draft responses on behalf of clients.

Advocacy Capabilities

  • Coalition Building and Management: We help build and manage coalitions, identifying kindred spirits and unlikely allies who can provide the strength to prevail on major environmental issues.
  • Lobbying Support: We ensure you have the opportunities to make your case on key policy issues and proposals. Our support includes representing clients directly, helping them shape their messaging and strategically guiding engagement.

Communications Capabilities

  • Streamlining Your Message: We work with you to define your campaign and put your communications strategy in the proper context within the broader environmental movement. We help develop talking points, briefings, and other materials to ensure that you are communicating your message clearly within your organization, with allies, and with the media.
  • Communications Strategies That Shape Opinions: We develop communications strategy as an integral part of your overall campaign or mission, identifying the messages that can activate donors, move targets, and change minds.
  • Rapid Response and Crisis Communications: We are at the ready to help you proactively respond to breaking news and important issues.

Areas of expertise

  • Building Electrification

    We developed and manage a broad coalition of stakeholders to advance decarbonization in the residential and commercial sector – a critical component of combating climate change.

  • Electric Vehicles

    Transportation is the largest emitting sector, and we have the expertise and relationships to help drive electric vehicle deployment to curb emissions.

  • Zero Carbon Fuels

    For some critical industries – such as heavy trucking or maritime shipping — the key to decarbonization is in the rapid advancement of clean fuel sources.

  • Decarbonization

    To keep global warming under 1.5 celsius, we need to not only mitigate emissions, but remove them too. This is why we work on technologies such as carbon capture, storage and utilization, including Direct Air Capture.

  • Renewable Energy

    Wind and solar power are essential to lowering emissions. We work to develop policies that will expand the growth of these zero-carbon technologies and aid their effectiveness.

  • Conservation

    Our team has worked with partners to defend public lands, monitor more than 100 million acres of forests, maintain funding for critical conservation programs, and worked with communities to defend their lands and rights.

Why Waxman

I have dedicated my life and career to protecting the environment and combatting climate change. And, this mission to ensure a healthy and livable planet for all has never been more critical than at this very moment. Everyone here is fundamentally determined to tackle the climate crisis and protect our environment for future generations. This is not simply work for us, it is our wellbeing.

The most effective place to do this is where the decisions are being made: On Capitol Hill, in the White House, or in upper levels of Federal agencies. Government advocacy is our bread and butter. Through decades of experience in government, my team and I can orient, guide and connect our clients with the most powerful decision makers to ensure their voices are listened to. We have a robust understanding of how government and politics work and can achieve profound impacts for non-profits and clean energy companies.

Michael Goo

Michael Goo, Managing Director

Michael Goo is a Managing Director at Waxman Strategies, where he helps lead our environmental practice’s federal policy portfolio. He previously worked for Chairman Henry Waxman as Staff Director for the House Energy and Commerce Environment Subcommittee during the 114th Congress.

Case Studies

  • Supporting the Commercialization of Critical Carbon Removal Technologies

  • Decarbonizing transportation and protecting our national security through electrification

Real Change

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