Leveraging our relationships and helping you make your case.

We are strategically minded advocates with a deep understanding of how change happens. Our team works closely with philanthropies, non-profit organizations, and companies committed to innovation in the public interest to develop and deploy ambitious, creative, hard-hitting campaigns that transform industries and change government policy.

Our experts have served in the highest levels of government and know how to create pressure from all angles in the service of progressive change. We are credible, respected and thoughtful, and we open doors to the rooms where decisions are made.

Our veteran activists and campaigners know that each issue requires a unique approach and we’re skilled in deploying public information campaigns that change minds. Our approach is fueled by passion – but guided by experience and insights. We begin with a wide-angle view of who the influencers are who can move the needle, performing in-depth research to identify powerful economic and political levers and crafting bespoke campaign approaches that meet the needs of our clients and partners. Whether the issue calls for cultivating support through on-the-ground grassroots action, a public information campaign that ramps up pressure, or one-on-one meetings with decisionmakers, we do what’s needed to put your issue at the top of the agenda.

Areas of Expertise

  • Building and Managing Coalitions: We help you build relationships and movements, identifying kindred spirits and unlikely allies who can help push your campaign over the finish line. We can build coalitions and manage them for the duration of a policy campaign. 
  • Cultivating Policymaker Relationships: We ensure you have the opportunities to make your case on key policy issues and proposals. Our support includes representing clients directly, helping them shape their messaging and strategically guiding engagement. 
  • Conducting Investigative Research: Waxman Strategies combines in-depth research with on-the-ground investigations. From using satellites, drones, and on-the-ground field teams to record forest destruction and package it into visually stunning reports to assessing the economic impact of access to telehealth solutions, we deliver compelling research that moves opinions.
  • Strategically Pressuring Stakeholders: We have a keen eye for identifying the influencers who will move the needle on your issue and understand how to tactfully apply pressure to ensure your concerns are at the top of their agenda.
Why Waxman

We help solve big problems through innovative solutions. And as a passionate environmentalist, I know there’s no bigger problem right now than climate change. Here at Waxman Strategies, I get to work with our clients as we push for solutions that will make a difference. Whether we’re helping a company improve its internal practices or fighting for legislation in Congress, we work with organizations promoting sustainability and businesses that are part of the solution, from meat substitutes to clean energy companies to cutting-edge thinkers helping build a circular economy.

There’s no other place as adept at playing the inside-outside game. With former Representative Henry Waxman’s network and our ability to leverage communications, grassroots activism, and public pressure, Waxman Strategies is the most effective organization for me to continue my personal fight to protect the planet.

Michael Goo

Michael Goo, Managing Director

Michael Goo is a Managing Director at Waxman Strategies, where he helps lead our environmental practice’s federal policy portfolio. He previously worked for Chairman Henry Waxman as Staff Director for the House Energy and Commerce Environment Subcommittee during the 114th Congress.

Case Studies

  • Improving the Lives of Americans Living with Paralysis

Real Change

Seize the moment. Send the message. Solve the problem. With Waxman, it’s all possible.