Positioning you to break through the conversation
and make an impact.

At Waxman Strategies, we ensure that your message breaks through to the audiences you care about most. Whether you’re an up-and-coming startup or a passionate advocate for the public good, we know how to move the needle in the right direction.

We work with you to create communications strategies that capture your unique vision for change, identify the media and platforms most likely to move the audiences that matter to you most, thoughtfully craft messaging that makes your case, and strategically apply pressure to achieve your goal.

We provide unparalleled support and counsel, informed by our experiences working with media and influencers at the highest levels. From writing compelling content to managing media events to forging relationships with top tier media, the Waxman Strategies communications team is equipped and excited to work with companies and causes that are creating change in the public interest.

Areas of Expertise

  • Streamlining Your Message: We help you strengthen and streamline your message within your organization and to external stakeholders, develop materials, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Positioning Thought Leaders: We craft unique narratives that position you as a leading industry voice, utilizing data and case studies as reinforcing proof points.
  • Managing Media, Analyst, and Funder Relations: We focus your messages for external audiences and place you in the outlets and industry reports where key constituents look to form opinions.
  • Putting You at the Forefront of Decision-Makers and Media: We ensure you are visible at the events that matter and your participation is maximized, whether attending, speaking, or sponsoring.
  • Ready for Any Crisis: We are at the ready to help you proactively respond to breaking news and important issues by deftly structuring responses to “fire drills” any time trouble arises.
Why Waxman

I have seen how difficult it can be to get your message through to the right audiences – and how transformative it can be when you do. Our Waxman team knows communications – whether it’s debuting a market-shifting idea, influencing policy for the public good, or putting pressure on political and industry leaders in the name of change.

Each of us knows the importance of a strategic communications approach. We pride ourselves on knowing the media – how they work, what moves them, and what they need to tell your story the way you want it to be told.

We want to work with you because we believe in your idea. Waxman Strategies is there for you every step of the way: developing your message, training your spokespeople, and cultivating and executing top-tier media opportunities. We punch above our weight and our results speak for themselves, regularly delivering bespoke communications strategies that result in top-tier media coverage. 

Alex Armstrong

Alex Armstrong, Senior Director

As a Senior Director on Waxman’s communications team, Alex works on communications strategy and media relations for Waxman’s environmental campaigns.

Case Studies

  • Identifying Rare Pathogens With AI + Genomic Sequencing

  • Transforming Organic Waste into Clean Energy

  • Financing Renewable Energy Development

  • Protecting the Habitat of Threatened Great Apes

  • Bringing Gig Economy Tech to America’s Hourly Workers

  • Promoting Women’s Preventive Health Services

Real Change

Seize the moment. Send the message. Solve the problem. With Waxman, it’s all possible.

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