Advancing health policies that drive systemic change and
secure more equitable outcomes.

We envision a society in which all people and communities have what they need to become and stay healthy. Our work builds on Representative Henry Waxman’s 40 years as one of the most prominent health care leaders in Congress, achieving monumental victories from regulating the tobacco industry to passing the Affordable Care Act. We believe health care is a human right and work tirelessly with clients who share our vision. These clients include foundations, advocacy organizations, and health care providers aiming to develop and promote policies to achieve access to quality, affordable care and positive and equitable health outcomes.

In addition to former Congressman Waxman, our team includes policy experts who have served in senior roles on Capitol Hill, in the executive branch, and in leading health advocacy organizations. We know how policy change happens and use that knowledge to advocate for a more efficient, accessible, and equitable health system. We take on complex health issues and counsel clients on how to navigate health policy and politics inside and outside the Beltway, leveraging our extensive expertise, relationships, and experience to drive meaningful outcomes.

From conducting and compiling targeted policy research, to crafting compelling advocacy campaigns in partnership with key stakeholders, to working directly with decision makers in Congress and the executive branch to shape health policy, we provide full-service support to organizations that share our belief that everyone deserves quality, affordable, and accessible health care.

Policy Capabilities

  • Strategic Counsel on Overall Policy Strategy: We provide counsel on how to hone your policy priorities and play a role in cultivating policy change. We work closely with clients to develop and prioritize a strategic policy agenda, identify opportunities for action, and deploy effective tactics that lead to outcomes that matter.
  • Subject Matter Expertise and Technical Assistance: We offer non-partisan subject matter expertise drawing on our extensive collective experience in Congress and the executive branch in developing and implementing policy.
  • In-Depth Policy Analysis and Data-Driven Reports: We dig in on specific policy matters, analyzing data, producing comprehensive reports, and commenting on key issues. We use this capability to support you in developing policy positions and responding to policy proposals.

Advocacy Capabilities

  • Building Your Federal Presence: We help you navigate the government and cultivate relationships with Congress, government agencies, advocacy organizations, and other key influencers to build support for your policy priorities and identify potential allies for your policy agenda.
  • Lobbying Support: We ensure you have the opportunities to make your case on key policy issues and proposals. Our support includes representing clients directly, helping them shape their messaging, and strategically guiding engagement.
  • Responding to Legislative and Regulatory Proposals: We work with you to build a process for drafting, reviewing, approving, and disseminating statements and responses to legislative and federal rulemaking proposals. When needed, we can also analyze proposals and draft responses on behalf of clients.
  • Influencer Activation: We pinpoint the key thought leaders on specific issues and help activate their partnership. We also work with you to build the capacity, strength, and responsiveness of your grassroots and affiliate networks, as needed.

Communications Capabilities

  • Streamlining Your Message: We help you strengthen and streamline your message within your organization and to external stakeholders, develop materials, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  • Thought Leadership Content: We craft unique narratives that position you as a leading industry voice, utilizing data and case studies as reinforcing proof points.
  • Media, Analyst, and Funder Relations: We focus your messages for external audiences and place you in the outlets and industry reports where key constituents look to form opinions.
  • Putting You at the Forefront of Decision-Makers and Media: We ensure you are visible at the events that matter and your participation is maximized, whether attending, speaking, or sponsoring.
  • Rapid Response and Crisis Communications: We are at the ready to help you proactively respond to breaking news and important issues.

Areas of expertise

  • Drug Pricing

    We work closely with organizations that know that addressing high prescription drug prices is a critical lever in lowering health care costs and ensuring that everyone can afford the care they need.

  • Reproductive Health

    We are committed to protecting and expanding access to the full range of quality sexual and reproductive health care, including addressing inequities in reproductive health and systemic barriers faced by people and groups that have historically been denied access to care.

  • Tobacco Policy

    Our team has been at the forefront of holding the tobacco industry accountable. We develop policies and support campaigns aimed at reducing death and disability from tobacco use.

  • Health Care Access

    We are committed to expanding and ensuring access to health care. Our team of experts bring a deep understanding of how the health system works – and how it can work better to serve more people at lower costs and higher quality.

  • Public Health

    We spearhead policies designed to improve public health and emergency preparedness systems, ensuring the government can support its constituents each and every day – especially in times of crisis.

  • Disability Equity

    We partner with organizations committed to supporting persons with disabilities and ensuring equal access to critical services, regardless of ability.

Why Waxman

I spent the better part of the last 20 years as a public servant, working in the House and Senate on health issues, as well as at the US Department of Health and Human Services and the Food and Drug Administration under President Barack Obama. When I left the Obama administration, I knew I needed to use what I had learned to continue to fight for the outcomes that matter. At Waxman, I found a place I could do just that.

Bringing about good policy takes time, patience, and nuance – our team develops the strategies to make that happen. Getting health policy to be enacted and successfully implemented means a deep understanding of both the politics and the policy nuts-and-bolts. With nearly 50 years of collective experience in Congress and federal agencies, our team brings that expertise to the table.

We get how government works and partner with clients whose success means success for the nation’s most vulnerable.

Jeremy Sharp

Jeremy Sharp, Managing Director

Jeremy Sharp has policy experience in both the executive and legislative branches of the Federal Government.  Most recently he served as Deputy Commissioner for Policy Planning, Legislation, and Analysis at the US Food and Drug Administration.

Case Studies

  • Improving the Lives of Americans Living with Paralysis

  • Nonprofit pharma: Revolutionizing the Future of Health Care

  • Shaping A National Nutrition Narrative: Generating Media Around the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health

Real Change

Seize the moment. Send the message. Solve the problem. With Waxman, it’s all possible.