Driven by an uncompromising commitment to address the world’s biggest challenges, we approach every project with passion and integrity to achieve measurable, lasting change.


  • Policy

    Sculpting workable and politically viable policy solutions.

  • Advocacy

    Leveraging our relationships and helping you make your case.

  • Communications

    Positioning you to break through the conversation and make an impact.

Areas of expertise

Whether working with foundations, nonprofits or business leaders, we’re known for advancing innovative solutions that solve problems and create opportunity.

  • Health

    Ensuring health equity.

    We believe health care is a right and access to quality, affordable health care is essential for individuals to thrive. Our team of veteran policy experts, inside-the-Beltway influencers, and media-savvy specialists take on complex health issues and counsel forward-thinking clients on advancing positive policy change.

  • Environment

    Combatting the climate crisis.

    We’re committed to securing a thriving planet for all people and nature, and we are dogged in our pursuit to get there. That’s why we take on the toughest climate challenges and are unyielding in helping our clients achieve their goals. We know the people and the substance, allowing us to achieve impactful change for non-profits and clean energy companies through shrewd government advocacy and research.

  • Technology

    Accelerating bold innovation.

    We understand technology at its core and help shape where it’s going, why it matters and how it can change the world. We partner with organizations that leverage the power of innovation to solve global challenges. We help our clients engage relevant stakeholders, grow influence as thought leaders, and secure media coverage of their views, all while navigating complex legislative, regulatory, and market landscapes.

Real Change

Seize the moment. Send the message. Solve the problem. With Waxman, it’s all possible.