Leyline Renewable Capital

Transformative clean energy development projects face major challenges long before they reach the construction phase. Leyline Renewable Capital is a specialized investment fund designed to help shepherd promising renewable energy projects through the pre-construction phase, providing funding and support to increase long term profitability.


Our team worked with Leyline Renewable Capital to launch a $150 million fund, connecting them with top-tier media that we knew would fuel their investment pipeline. Working together, we constructed messaging that showcased how their offering made them a unique and ideal partner for clean energy developers nationwide. We used this momentum to generate media opportunities for their portfolio and showcase their funding in action.

  • Created major media opportunities in outlets that reach renewable energy developers and other key stakeholders including Bloomberg, GreenTechMedia and ImpactAlpha.
  • Generated media exposure for projects in the fund’s portfolio and showcased how their support brought projects to a construction-ready state faster and more efficiently – helping to create green jobs and sustain local economies for years to come.
  • Provided detailed recommendations around messaging, marketing materials and website copy.

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