Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are the future of transportation. Critically, while electric and shared autonomous vehicles carry the potential to lower carbon emissions, free up roads, and increase accessibility to green transportation, individually owned AVs could spell higher emissions, more congestion, and wider transportation inequity. We work with a leading autonomous vehicle developer aiming to deploy shared and electric autonomous vehicles powered by renewable energy – and usher in a next-generation transportation future defined by clean transportation for all.


Currently, AV developers must navigate complex political, regulatory, and public opinion challenges that make it very difficult to deploy and scale up in America. We worked with this client on an ongoing basis to raise awareness around the benefits of shared and electric AVs among a variety of stakeholders – policymakers, the national security and defense community, environmental nonprofits, unions, and the general public.


  • Conducted sweeping, data-driven landscape analyses of the environmental and labor communities to determine key allies, detractors, and overall sentiment around autonomous and electric vehicles to inform potential engagement, partnerships, and messaging.
  • Coordinated and executed a successful congressional webinar and media briefing around the importance of AVs for national security, job creation, and competitiveness with China.
  • Managed a successful survey project with a top-tier external firm to help showcase and publicize broad support for shared and electric autonomous vehicles.
  • Regularly develop messaging points, factsheets, op-eds, and other materials, as needed.
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