Advancing carbon mitigation and clean energy strategies

Clean Air Task Force

The Client

The Clean Air Task Force is working to rapidly reduce greenhouse gas emissions while advancing bold, durable climate solutions to ensure a net-zero emissions, high energy planet at an affordable cost. The Task Force works with a variety of stakeholders including NGOs and the private sector to advance federal decarbonization policies.

As an analysis- and results-driven organization, CATF central goal is to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases emissions. This is an enormous challenge that requires innovation and change at every level. CATF’s operating approach is centered on change in four key areas:

  • Change the narrative to communicate the size of the problem and totality of solution requirements.
  • Change technology to make available the full suite of carbon-free options like advanced renewables, zero-carbon fuels, carbon capture, advanced nuclear, and superhot rock at an affordable cost.
  • Change business models to include modular, manufacturable energy solutions that can be deployed anywhere quickly.
  • Change policy to develop, demonstrate, and facilitate the scale-up the technologies and systems needed to achieve net-zero emissions by mid-century.

The problem

There are several important clean energy and carbon mitigation technologies that are not receiving adequate funding and support from the federal government to meet critical carbon mitigation goals. While a number of these technologies have received some funding and regulatory support in the recent past, additional support is required to deploy and operate them at the scale required to continue meeting the country’s energy demands while also meeting important greenhouse gas reduction goals.

The Solution

Waxman Strategies works closely with the Clean Air Task Force on a broad range of their federal priorities. Our work with them includes Congressional and agency advocacy about carbon mitigation and clean energy priorities. We also support political strategy and their objective to coalesce broad support through the House and Senate around supporting carbon mitigation and clean energy strategies. Over the last year, we’ve helped educate members on CATF’s priorities, helped manage coalitions throughout the private sector, and helped pass critical legislation to further CATF’s goals to help decarbonize our economy through smart and equitable clean energy solutions.

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