Bringing Gig Economy Tech to America's Hourly Workers


Artificial Intelligence and the Gig Economy are shaping the future of work and 60% of the American workforce is hourly. How can technology create instant, quality connections so that a job can be secured in minutes and create lasting, meaningful employment?


Snag is the leading marketplace for 75 million hourly workers and their 300,000 employers, developing technologies that are shaping how the majority of workers make a living in America. Through national media coverage and partnerships, thought leadership content and targeted events, we have positioned Snag as the go-to subject matter experts in a sector that is transforming before our eyes.


  • Increased Snagajob’s national brand awareness as the nation’s leading voice for hourly workers and employers through strategically placed op-eds, insightful bylined articles, and relationships with top-tier workforce, tech and economy reporters.
  • Amplified Snagajob’s innovation and thought leadership by partnering with established economists, academia and research organizations on media facing opportunities.
  • Secured 23 panel and keynote opportunities for executive leadership at industry conferences, events and panels that focus on the future of work, gig economy, technology and HR.
  • Garnered more than 850 articles showcasing Snagajob’s innovative staffing technologies, insights on the state of the hourly worker, changing employer preferences, and resulting economic effects to an aggregate readership of 1.6 billion.

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