Waxman hires House Energy and Commerce staff adding to issue expertise on clean energy

Waxman Strategies is excited to announce that Adam Fischer has joined the firm as Senior Director of Environmental Policy. Adam brings nearly a decade of experience in clean energy and climate change to the growing Environmental Policy team.

Prior to joining Waxman, Adam worked as Professional Staff on the House Energy and Commerce committee. In his committee work, he covered a broad range of climate, energy, and environmental policy issues — including climate finance, clean energy supply chains, clean transportation, and the circular economy.

Adam played a key role in developing the Climate Leadership and Environmental Action for our Nation’s (CLEAN) Future Act of 2021, the first comprehensive climate bill in the House in more than a decade. He also led the development of major climate provisions in the Build Back Better Act of 2021. Throughout his time in the House, Adam worked closely with Member offices and the broader stakeholder community to develop and advance bold, inclusive climate solutions. His experience working on Capitol Hill and with various Environmental Policy stakeholders adds to the team’s deep knowledge and skill in navigating complex political landscapes. 

At Waxman, Adam will be working with a portfolio of clients in the climate technology, environmental justice, and clean energy space. He has dedicated his career to working for climate action and joins a team of talented and dedicated policy experts. We are thrilled to have him on our team working to create a more healthy and livable planet. 

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