Meet Adam Fischer: Our Newly Appointed Vice President at Waxman

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to a rising star within the Waxman team – Adam Fischer. With a wealth of experience and an unwavering commitment to our shared mission, Adam has recently been promoted to the prestigious position of Vice President in our environment practice. We are thrilled to celebrate this remarkable achievement and introduce you to the man of the hour.  

Q: What inspired you to pursue a career at Waxman, and what do you enjoy most about working here? 

A: Before coming to Waxman, I spent a few years on Capitol Hill working on climate, clean energy, and environmental policy issues. One of the things I enjoyed most about my time in Congress was getting to work on a mix of issues I care about with people who shared my passion for them. As I considered the next steps, I wanted to make sure I could continue working alongside people who cared deeply about climate action and were committed to advocating for thoughtful policy solutions. Waxman seemed like the perfect fit, given the firm’s commitment to working with a diverse mix of clients, each dedicated in their own way to addressing the climate crisis. I love being able to work with teammates and clients to drive policy change and defend the progress that’s been made so far.  

Q: What are your primary responsibilities at the firm, and how do they align with your professional goals?

A: I work with colleagues, clients, and other partners in the stakeholder community to develop, advocate for, and defend policy solutions on various fronts – from the decarbonization of key economic sectors to the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act. A good portion of this work involves engaging with partners on and off Capitol Hill to build support for new and existing policy ideas alike. My team and I dive deep with clients to understand the intricacies of complex issues and, in turn, identify solutions that can gain traction.  

Q: What has been your biggest achievement or proudest moment while working at Waxman, and how did you contribute to its success? 

A: One of the highlights of my time at Waxman has been working with clients on the implementation of a program I helped develop as a Hill staffer. It’s been incredibly rewarding to see the evolution of that program and to work with clients whose policy chops have helped inform (and, from my perspective, improve) its implementation. Working with thought leaders to build support for this program and other programs – and to influence their implementation – has been really rewarding. 

Q: In your opinion, what are two things that Waxman excels at and sets it apart from other firms? 

A: First, I think Waxman fills a critical gap in the consulting and lobbying ecosystem, especially for people focused on climate. It’s surprisingly rare to come across firms that are tight-knit, progressive, and mission-oriented. We’re able to be selective in the work we do, staying laser-focused on working in the public interest. Second, Waxman has a knack for building teams that are cohesive and effective. My colleagues and I have different strengths, backgrounds, and interests, but we share a commitment to working together to tackle the climate crisis and environmental injustice. That makes it easy to work together, but also very fun. 

Q: What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned in your career, and how have they influenced your approach to work and life? 

 A: I’m someone who typically likes to plan ahead, but one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is not to over-plan for the future. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have the professional opportunities I’ve had – and I couldn’t have predicted or anticipated any of them. I’ve learned to be flexible and make the most of the opportunities I’ve had because you never really know what might come next, particularly given the whims of an ever-changing political landscape. 



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