Keeping Hackers at Bay


Not all cybercrime is as transparent as a Nigerian millionaire requesting your bank information. Modern phishing attempts can take many new, sophisticated forms including spoofed emails that look like they come from a familiar brand or individual. These phishing attacks are costly, damaging to the individual and trust that customers have in marketing communications email. To help tackle this problem head-on, Silicon Valley start-up ValiMail created new email authentication technology that protects brands, businesses and enterprises from phishing attacks.

ValiMail came to us to help launch their product and get the word out about their automated email authentication solution to phishing that is far more powerful than typical solutions like filters. Our team of public relations experts knew that ValiMail’s leadership was ideally positioned to become thought leaders in email security, helping people better understand phishing scams erupting in the news cycle, while also building awareness for their valuable product. Together, we built a media strategy that included a plan for launch, funding announcements and thought leadership, along with regular profiles in leading business, technology and cybersecurity publications.

Just a few short months later, CEO Alex Garcia-Tobar is regularly quoted in trade magazines and major newspapers as an expert on phishing and cybersecurity. We also procured a regular Huffington Post contributor column for him to expand his role as a thought leader in the email security space. You can read about ValiMail in BetaNews, Mashable, MediaPost, Fortune, VentureBeat, American Banker, the Wall Street Journal and more. The coverage we’ve achieved for him and the company at large has led to the signing of new paying customers for ValiMail and set the stage for their future funding rounds.