Best New Office Space in DC – Yes, We’ve Got it

Selecting and designing an office space is no easy feat. There’s a whole lot to consider, starting with how we create an environment that reinforces who we are and reflects our culture and values. Well, our new space is done and we think we’ve nailed it.

Upon arrival, we wanted visitors to immediately feel that they have entered a comfortable and approachable work environment. This is why our pantry and communal sitting area serves as the first stop where visitors are greeted. The space invites guests into a place where everyone is welcome to grab a snack and hang out together. One is also immediately struck by the abundance of natural light and panoramic views we have over Connecticut Avenue and M Street.

Given how much time we all spend at work, we sought to create an office environment where you can truly feel at home. This is reflected in our selection of comfy furniture, our open and airy floorplan, areas where employees have ample opportunity to work away from their desks, and our use of reclaimed wood that brings warmth throughout the office.

One creative design feature is the use of timber frames and planters that serve a dual purpose of separating the desk areas while simultaneously allowing us to bring imbedded power lines down from the ceiling. We’re also proud that this reclaimed wood was recovered by a developer who pulled the planks directly from old Washington, DC rowhomes that he renovated.

Our large conference room features a table made from wood that served as floor joists in a factory that once stood on the banks of the Hudson River in Manhattan. And memorabilia that showcases Rep. Henry Waxman’s collection of landmark legislative accomplishments from his time in Congress adorn our walls – a reminder of what’s possible and the high bar we need to set for our work.

Wanting to create areas where our team and visitors can relax and collaborate in a casual atmosphere, we designed one room, dubbed “The Bungalow,” that features the most comfortable hammock chairs on the planet.

We even have a space decorated with a relaxing garden landscape where employees can recharge, stretch, and have a moment of privacy.

Most importantly, our work environment has been designed with sustainability in mind from day one, featuring highly efficient LED lighting, thermal control within perimeter offices, and the use of recycled resources in both the construction and finish materials – from the metal studs and drywall to the carpet and furniture.

Given our commitment to environmental justice, we wanted to incorporate biophilic design strategies that further strengthen our connection to nature. The space was selected with windows on three sides, providing ample access to daylight. Workstations are ergonomically adjustable with sit-to-stand capabilities and low privacy panels, ensuring staff can easily look up and view the outdoors.

These pictures simply do not do the office space justice. We hope you will come by for a visit and tour. We’re always happy to have company and the chance to show off a bit.