Hannah Read

Senior Associate

Hannah is a Senior Associate in the Environmental Policy Practice at Waxman Strategies, where she supports clients working on environmental justice and renewable energy initiatives. She focuses on federal policy and supporting the equitable transition to climate solutions.

Prior to joining Waxman Strategies, Hannah’s focus was in environmental advocacy and organizing. During her two years with Environment America, she pushed for clean energy adoption on the state and federal level and helped run multiple canvass offices on both corporate and legislative campaigns. She also worked with the Environmental League of Massachusetts on their efforts to endorse local candidates in municipal elections.

Hannah graduated from St. Olaf College in 2020 where she studied Environmental Studies and Economics. An avid musician, she spearheaded efforts there to help her musical ensembles become more environmentally friendly on their annual domestic and international tours. In her free time, she enjoys playing flute and tennis, reading novels, and can often be found dog sitting for friends and family. She also loves exploring the D.C. food scene and going on long walks and hikes.

Our Team


  • Coordinated carbon-offset initiatives with local farmers as part of sustainability efforts for the St. Olaf Band

  • Directed a fundraising canvass office on a campaign asking Whole Foods to eliminate their single-use plastic packaging.

  • Co-authored a report detailing the potential of offshore wind energy in U.S. coastal states and regions.


Office: 617.999.7179