Henry Waxman Remembers Friend and Colleague, John Dingell

In a piece written for The Hill this week, our Chairman, Henry Waxman remembered former Congressman, John Dingell for his accomplishments and their time spent together in Congress.

Henry spoke of how closely the two worked together on health and environmental issues, noting that “John may well [have been] the most influential and impactful member of the House in history,” having presided over the House when Medicare was passed in 1965, and enacting legislation requiring hospitals to provide charitable care. As a lifelong hunter who enjoyed the outdoors, John believed in the preservation of public land for future generations, which led to him playing a critical role in the passing of the Clean Air, Clean Water and Endangered Species acts.

In addition to John’s many accolades and storied career in Congress, Henry concluded that in his personal life, “John was a gentleman, a man of character and principle, and a leader who will always stand among the giants of congressional history. I am honored to have served with him.”

We extend our deepest condolences to his family, John will be remembered and forever held in the highest honor.

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