Henry Waxman receives “Baldy Award” on Real Time with Bill Maher

This past Friday, Waxman Strategies’ own Chairman Henry Waxman was honored to earn the first ever “Baldy Award” on the HBO weekly talk show Real Time with Bill Maher. Modeled after Henry himself, the award recognizes the former Congressman and his tireless civil service on behalf of the public interest.

In his “New Rules” segment, Maher discusses the political climate under President Biden’s Administration and the critical importance of effective, cooperative lawmaking to advance real change. He proceeds to dedicate the Baldy Award to Henry for his prolific career doing exactly that.

“What if I told you there was a single member of Congress who brought the Tobacco Industry to its knees, paved the way for less expensive generic drugs, expanded Medicaid to include pregnant women and children, put the teeth into the Clean Air and Safe Water Drinking Acts, and wrote most of Obamacare?” says Maher, “that’s Henry Waxman.”

The Baldy Awards Segment

As Maher highlights, Henry has never been one to brag about himself or seek out the spotlight. Instead, he worked vigorously behind the scenes to get the job done for his constituents and all Americans. Henry earned a name for himself as a highly accomplished legislator, helping to pass key laws around healthcare access, consumer protection, environmental sustainability and good governance. To learn more about Henry’s long list of accomplishments, check out his legislative memo.

In the segment, Maher recognizes some of Washington’s most prominent leaders with a similar legislative style. He praises former Secretary of State and current Special Presidential Climate Envoy John Kerry, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Representative Barney Frank, and the late Representative John Lewis (among others) as highly successful “wonks” that embody the spirit of the Baldy Awards.

Henry was the first recipient, but he apparently won’t be the last. Maher plans to continue the Baldy Awards tradition in the years to come, stating that the honor will go to “The Most Waxman-Like Congressperson” each year. While Henry couldn’t be there in person to accept the award, he did contribute a short video to briefly thank Maher before declaring, “I’ve got to get back to work – there’s a lot of work to do.”

While Henry has left the halls of Congress, he continues to work hard every day to help effectuate progressive change in his role as chairman of Waxman Strategies, advising clients on public policy and issue advocacy related to the nation’s most pressing health, environmental and technology concerns. Henry and the rest of Team Waxman look forward to proudly displaying the prestigious Baldy Award at the firm’s office in Washington, D.C. very soon.

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