Henry Waxman in The Atlantic: We Must Fight For a Green New Deal

With the Democrats set to take the House in January, we’ve been excited to see the passion of many new members and veterans for making climate solutions a top priority for Congress. Touted as a “Green New Deal,” the new push for climate legislation is bolder and more wide-ranging than ever before, framing it as the economic issue that it is at its core and crafting an inspirational vision of a future with cleaner industries, greener jobs and new opportunities for innovation. Today, we were happy to share Henry Waxman’s opinion published in The Atlantic, complete with insights on what policymakers, activists and organizations can be doing right now to help make a Green New Deal a reality. At Waxman Strategies, we’re already working in this context through targeted campaign actions pushing industries to be more sustainable, advocating for smart climate policies and working with the innovators behind the technologies that will make a green economy more viable. Our team of experts at Waxman Strategies is committed to being at the forefront in the fight for a more sustainable future and is proud to stand with those calling for a Green New Deal. As Henry writes in the piece, we must “show that sustainability is not just the right thing to do for the fate of our planet, but an unparalleled opportunity to ensure the prosperity of future generations.” What to Do Before the Green New Deal: Bold Action on Climate Change Can Start at the State Level.

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