Embracing Transparency and Showcasing our Commitments

At Waxman Strategies, we have always believed in the power of effective communication and storytelling. While our focus is almost exclusively on doing this for our clients and the causes we take on, we are proud to announce recent updates to our website. Driven by our desire to better showcase who we are and what we believe in, these changes aim to further illustrate our commitment to transparency, authenticity, and the values that guide our work every day. 

Our About Page: Unveiling Our Motivations and Differentiators 

One of the significant updates we have made to our website is the addition of an expanded “About” page. We recognize our clients, partners, and stakeholders are keen to know more than just what we do; they want to understand why we do it.  

Our “About” page now delves deeper into what motivates and differentiates us. We are proud to be dedicated to working in the public interest and having high ethical standards, which is why we are incredibly selective with the projects we take on. 

 Additionally, there are a number of key characteristics showcased that differentiate Waxman.  

When we take on an engagement, we bring a unique advantage to the table. Our team possesses significant experience and expertise in addressing complex challenges, and we have a track record of delivering pragmatic outcomes that truly make a difference. This expertise allows us to approach each engagement with confidence and a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand. 

Furthermore, our professional networks are an invaluable asset. We have cultivated relationships with key individuals at the highest levels, enabling us to tap into influential networks to get things done. These connections allow us to leverage resources, gather insights, and collaborate with the right people who can help drive meaningful change and achieve our clients’ goals. 

By combining our dedication to the public interest, our expertise, and our extensive professional networks, we are well-equipped to navigate intricate challenges and deliver impactful results.  

Lastly, the “About” page showcases the reputation and experience of our chairman, former Representative Henry Waxman, who President Barack Obama identified as “one of the most accomplished legislators of his or any era.” Henry’s unwavering and ongoing commitment to positive change drives us every day.  

 Showcasing Our Values: Connection, Impact, Justice, Integrity, and Respect  

At Waxman Strategies, we believe our values help define us. They guide our decision-making, shape our relationships, and inspire us to drive positive change.  

We have dedicated a new page on our website to showcase our core values: connection, impact, justice, integrity, and respect. For each value, we provide examples of  what they look like in practice and our everyday engagement.  

These values were developed by the entire firm through a collaborative process, and we are constantly striving to live up to them and examine how we can do better individually and as a firm.   

In line with our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, we have also integrated an accessibility tool on our website. This tool ensures that our digital content is accessible to individuals with different abilities. By implementing this tool, we aim to demonstrate our dedication to creating an inclusive online experience for all visitors. 

DEIJ Commitments: Leading by Example 

In an era where diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice (DEIJ) are vital pillars of any organization’s success, we understand the responsibility that comes with leading by example. Our updated website now features a dedicated page where we showcase our own definitions of DEIJ and the commitments we have made as a firm. These definitions aim to set a high standard of responsibility – a standard we must continually work to achieve.  

While not featured on the website, the firm has benefitted significantly by having a DEIJ Committee that plays a crucial role in driving our efforts. The committee is charged with making recommendations to guide our learning and work, which includes developing annual goals for further incorporating our DEIJ commitments into our culture, operations, work streams and project engagements, and external engagements. They also provide recommendations and support in monitoring and evaluating our progress against the commitments made.  

Our DEIJ Committee is composed of individuals from various positions and departments within the firm, ensuring representation from all levels and practices. The DEIJ Committee meets biweekly, demonstrating our dedication to regular discussions and actions related to DEIJ initiatives. 


The updated Waxman Strategies website represents a significant milestone in our journey as a firm. By embracing transparency and sharing our motivations, values, and DEIJ commitments, we hope to cultivate stronger relationships with our clients, partners, and stakeholders.  

We believe effective communication is at the heart of driving positive change, and our revamped website serves as a platform for us to engage, educate, and inspire. We invite you to explore our new website and join us as we continue to advocate for a better future. 

Together, let us forge ahead, guided by our values and driven by our shared commitment to creating a more just, equitable, and sustainable world.

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