Committing to Action During the Global Pandemic

During this historic moment for our country and the planet, we want to mark the moment and update our stakeholders on how we are navigating these uncertain times.

A Continued Commitment

Here at Waxman Strategies, we are deeply committed to the health and safety of our staff, clients, partner organizations, and contractors. We’re also motivated to ensure the continuation of our work – work to fight the climate crisis, expand access to critical health services and care, and support rapid deployment of valuable technology solutions we can all benefit from.

In the face of this crisis, we have made a few adjustments to how we are operating as a firm. Our offices are closed and will remain so until public authorities advise that it’s safe for people to return. We’re working with each of our team members to accommodate them and their unique circumstances so they can take care of family, health, and their community needs. And, of course, we are adjusting along with the global community to working completely virtually, remotely and online.

Because crisis and uncertain times will stress-test culture, it is very important to us that we maintain close contact with our clients and partners, taking the time to inquire about their thoughts and insights on events unfolding. This has struck a chord on a personal level with our teams, and we know these conversations keep our network strong, ensuring our strategic thinking is collaborative and informed by diverse perspectives.

A Defining Moment to Strive for Outcomes that Matter

As a team, we see this as a defining moment to rededicate ourselves to our core beliefs and find new ways to advance them.

The intersection of health, environment and technology is where our unique capabilities have served our clients since our founding and, now more than ever, we see this uniqueness as our core strength.

The wisdom and decades of congressional leadership experience of our chairman, Henry Waxman, provide our clients with valuable networks and insights around the political situation as it unfolds in the coming weeks and months. And while nothing is certain, during chaotic times, experience is more valuable than ever.

We’re actively engaged with our networks both on Capitol Hill and around the world to track policy developments and advance the needs of our clients, allies, and the issues we care most about. We are also already helping some of our clients to make a very direct positive impact, including the ability of local authorities to quickly provide testing for COVID-19.

Looking Forward

Our leadership team has seen their own share of challenges over the course of their careers – and they are bringing critical strategies and resiliency to bear for our clients right now. This includes helping smart entrepreneurs emerge successful to make big impacts; navigating the epic battle for the Affordable Care Act and the challenge of implementing such a massive and far-reaching policy; and transforming entire global industries like palm oil to halt deforestation and protect endangered species, habitats, and Indigenous communities. Our team doesn’t shy away from challenges. We embrace them head-on with agility and determination.

This global public health crisis and the corresponding economic crisis will change all of us. It is still early, and each day is more sobering and heart-wrenching than the next. But we will draw from this moment a new resolve and commitment to remain compassionate and forward looking.

As you reflect on how you and your business and organization are responding to this crisis, we invite you to connect with us to find new ways to make a difference.



Real Change

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