Transforming Organic Waste into Clean Energy

Bioenergy DevCo

Anaerobic digestion technology is redefining sustainable waste management, transforming biodegradable materials into renewable energy and compost-like soil amendments. Reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and incinerators, Bioenergy DevCo is working closely with municipalities, companies and utilities looking to minimize greenhouse gas emissions through the development, construction, and management anaerobic digestion facilities across the United States.


Our team worked with Bioenergy DevCo to create media buzz around their mission to expand the use of anaerobic digesters as a sustainability and waste management technology, including a major media blitz following a more than $100 million investment in the company.  Waxman Strategies arranged top tier media interviews highlighting the company and introducing reporters to anaerobic digestion as the next big thing. Our work was designed specifically to ensure that key decisionmakers understood the Bioenergy DevCo value proposition and began considering the use of anaerobic digestion for their waste and energy needs.

  • Secured high profile media placements in top-tier national and trade publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Business Journal, and more.
  • Developed key messaging materials and conducted executive communications trainings for C-Suite-level spokespeople – trainings that have since been leveraged for conference speaking placements secured by our team.
  • Drafted a comprehensive market and policy analysis report, complete with core recommendations for potential market expansion throughout the United States as well as engagement opportunities around federal legislative initiatives.



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