Expanding Access to Reproductive Health


Under the current administration, millions of women stand to lose access to quality health care, including the full range of contraceptive methods. Amidst these significant changes in federal policy, states are left in a position to protect access to reproductive health services.


Medicines360 relies on the Waxman team’s unique expertise in women’s health, policy, and experience leveraging relationships with Congressional members and staff to support policy change that protects women’s access to vital health care and the programs and providers that serve low-income women. The Waxman team has helped Medicines360 identify opportunities for action, shape policy messaging, and develop effective tactics for engagement. Ultimately, Waxman supports Medicines360 in identifying the most impactful paths to accelerate success with limited resources. ​


  • Successfully introduced Medicines360 and their team to Congressional Hill staffers, including facilitating Medicines360 testimony submitted for hearings on the 340B Program​
  • Conducted a qualitative and quantitative analysis to identify key priority states in order to inform Medicines360’s policy agenda.​
  • Developed regulatory and policy landscaping analyses to respond to administrative actions to change the Family Planning Program and drafted comments on behalf of Medicines360. ​
  • Produced a white paper with Medicines360 on the underlying factors that limit women’s access to LARCs and discourage providers from offering the option at FQHCs. ​
  • Worked with Medicines360 and Health Management Associates to assess viability for unbundling reimbursement for LARC methods from the Medicaid PPS for FQHCs in certain states.


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