New Waxman Agriculture Initiative Welcomes Lucia von Reusner

Waxman Strategies is pleased to welcome Lucia von Reusner to our rapidly-growing environmental team. Lucia will coordinate Waxman’s new initiative to cultivate environmentally responsible practices in the US and global agriculture sectors. She will focus heavily on driving companies to conserve native prairies and reduce fertilizer pollution and advise on other Waxman environmental initiatives.

Lucia’s expertise lies in private sector sustainability practices. After studying Natural Resources Management at Cornell University, Lucia went on to lead the Shareholder Advocacy program at Green Century Capital Management, a fossil fuel-free mutual fund that leverages its shareholder stake in publicly traded companies to improve their sustainability practices. In this role, Lucia led the international shareholder campaign to persuade many of the world’s largest agricultural companies to adopt no-deforestation sourcing policies. She then worked with social entrepreneurs in Peru and Guatemala to develop business strategies that have positive social and environmental impacts in the region.

“With Lucia on board, we’re hopeful that our new agriculture initiative will transform farming in the United States as much as we have done in the tropics,” said Glenn Hurowitz, Managing Director at Waxman. “Lucia’s leadership of the global investor community on sustainability issues will help accelerate progress to make sure food production doesn’t threaten water, wildlife or the climate.”

Read Lucia’s full bio here.


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