Phelim Kine

Senior Director

Phelim Kine is a Senior Director at Waxman Strategies where he runs and supports campaigns to protect native ecosystems, address climate change and secure indigenous community land rights across Asia. Phelim is the former Deputy Program Director and Director of Research & Investigations at Physicians for Human Rights where he led research and campaigning on human rights abuses in Myanmar, Sudan, Syria, Yemen and along the Mexican border with the United States.

Phelim spent eleven years at Human Rights Watch (HRW) doing research and campaigning on countries including China, Indonesia, the Philippines and Afghanistan as a researcher, advocate, and deputy director of HRW’s Asia division. Prior to becoming a human rights researcher and campaigner, Phelim was an Asia-based foreign correspondent in countries including Taiwan, Cambodia, China, and Indonesia.

Phelim is an adjunct instructor in the Hunter College Roosevelt House Human Rights Program in New York City and his opinion pieces on human rights issues have appeared in publications including Foreign Policy, the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal,, The Guardian and

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  • Led a Human Rights Watch media freedom campaign that resulted in the Chinese government announcing that it would “permanently” loosen important reporting restrictions on China-based foreign media

  • Led a Human Rights Watch research and advocacy campaign exposing the infliction of abusive & discriminatory so-called “virginity tests” on female applicants to the Indonesian civil service resulted in Indonesia’s Home Ministry publicly disavowing and abolishing it and the Indonesian National Police quietly abolishing it


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