Mohammed Memfis


Mohammed is an Advisor in the Environmental Practice at Waxman Strategies, where he works on an array of climate, clean energy, and environmental issues to support clients. Though focused on federal policy, he has worked on local, state, and international climate and environmental policies. Mohammed’s work mostly focuses on the just transition, carbon-free technologies, renewable energy, sustainable transportation, and building electrification.

Mohammed provides legislative and regulatory research, legislative advocacy, and strategic planning. He engages with companies, NGOs, and policymakers to develop policies that will combat the climate crisis and transition us to a cleaner, more equitable economy.

Before joining Waxman, Mohammed interned at Ceres, The Brookings Institution, AJW Inc., and the Natural Resources Defense Council among other places. He graduated from Williams College with honors in environmental studies and political science. As an undergraduate, he served in both municipal and county government and was named a Udall Scholar for his environmental leadership. In his free time, he loves playing sports—especially rugby & soccer, compulsively listening to music, and finding the best food in town.

Our Team


  • Intern, The Brookings Institution

  • Intern, Natural Resources Defense Council

  • Udall Scholar at Williams College