Michael Greenberg

Senior Associate

As a Senior Associate on the environment team, Michael focuses on breaking the link between agricultural production and environmental destruction by taking on some of the most polluting agribusinesses in the nation. He has campaigned for Cargill to adopt deforestation-free and regenerative policies, raising pressure on the company with rallies across the country, earned media coverage in sources like the Wall Street Journal and petitions drawing hundreds of thousands of supporters. He also spearheaded the grassroots organizing components of a campaign that successfully pressed Tyson Foods to renew its commitment to adopt regenerative, climate-friendly practices on 2 million acres of land along their supply chain and reduce emissions by 30%.

Michael has worked extensively on biodiversity initiatives. He campaigned against a destructive energy project that was poised to wipe out an entire species of orangutan, an effort which ultimately compelled a major bank to defund the project.

Michael graduated from Columbia in 2016, where he majored in economics and campaigned for fossil fuel divestment and stopping the Keystone XL pipeline. In his spare time, he can be found skiing, running, and performing standup sets in DC.

Our Team


  • Organized on successful campaign to stop the Batang Toru dam and save the Tapanuli orangutan

  • Founded and co-led XL Dissent campaign, targeting Keystone pipeline

  • Led grassroots component of Cargill campaign

  • Pushed Tyson Foods to cut emissions by 30% and protect 2 million acres.


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Office: 202.810.9166