Kristin Urquiza

Vice President

Kristin Urquiza is a graduate of Yale University and UC Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy where she has a Master of Public Affairs. She works with the environmental practice and Mighty Earth, where she works to hold corporations like Cargill accountable to their industrial agricultural practices that displace indigenous people from their lands and drive deforestation in places like the Amazon rainforest and beyond.

When her Dad needlessly passed from COVID she launched Marked by COVID to hold elected officials accountable for their pandemic response, or lack there of. She spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention and continues to be an outspoken advocate for the urgent need of a coordinated, data-driven response to the pandemic.

Her grandparents were migrant farmworkers– from Mexico and Oklahoma. She grew up in the mostly immigrant and Latino Maryvale community of Phoenix, and is a proud product of public primary education and the first person in her family to go to college.

To reach Kristin, please contact Melia Manter by email at [email protected].

Our Team


  • Founder, Public Water Works Campaign

  • Co-Founder, Membership Drive

  • Member of the Board of Directors, The San Francisco Circus Center

  • Co-Founder, Marked by COVID