Etelle Higonnet

Senior Director

Etelle Higonnet is a Senior Advisor focusing on forest conservation in Southeast Asia and Africa, with an emphasis on the palm oil and rubber industries.

Prior to coming to Waxman, Etelle worked with Greenpeace Southeast Asia on a broad range of environmental issues including climate, energy, oceans, toxic waste, ecological agriculture, environmental justice, and forest protection. As Greenpeace Southeast Asia Regional Research Manager, Etelle conducted or oversaw research for that region.

Etelle also has significant experience in human rights, having worked primarily in war zones and post-conflict areas. She conducted research in West Africa on behalf of Human Rights Watch and later Amnesty International, including in the Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. She also oversaw the analysis of human rights research projects in Iraq for the International Human Rights Law Institute. She has served as a human rights research consultant for various organizations, including UNICEF, Open Society, the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, the Royal Cambodian Government Task Force for the Extraordinary Chambers and the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Etelle earned a BA from Yale University and a JD from Yale Law School. She has written numerous articles, reports and op-eds on environmental subjects and human rights, and is the author of the book Quiet Genocide. Etelle speaks 9 languages.

Our Team


  • Greenpeace Southeast Asia Regional Research Manager

  • Amnesty International West Africa Researcher

  • Human Rights Watch Bernstein Fellow and Researcher

  • Senior Research Fellow at the International Human Rights Law Institute in Iraq


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Mobile: 202.848.7792