Mighty Earth Aims to Eliminate Deforestation with New Rapid Response Monitoring System

This month, our partners at the global campaign organization Mighty Earth, unveiled their Rapid Response Monitoring System aimed at eliminating deforestation linked to the palm oil, soy, rubber, cocoa, paper, and cattle industries.  This system is the first of its kind to hold the world’s biggest agricultural companies responsible for the deforestation in their supply chain and force companies to act by publicly filing deforestation alerts.

Working with partners Aidenvironment and MapHubs, Mighty Earth analyzes the satellite data from Planet Labs and other sources alongside concession maps to detect deforestation occurring on agricultural plantations. It then identifies supply chain and financial links between the plantations and the world’s largest agricultural buyers. Once the connection is established, Mighty Earth files alerts with the company and, because these companies have adopted commitments to eliminate deforestation from their supply chains, they are obliged to take action.

The system currently monitors more than 3,500 palm oil concessions in Indonesia and Malaysia, covering about 21 million hectares, an area more than twice the size of Portugal.

As part of the launch, we helped Mighty Earth host a webinar showing how the system works, the events that inspired Mighty Earth to create it and their long-term plans to build off of its success. If you missed it, you can watch it below.

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