Former Congressman Henry Waxman Provides Guidance to Democrats Anticipating White House Investigations

In the final weeks preceding the 2018 midterm elections, Waxman Strategies’ Chairman and former Congressman Henry Waxman engaged in a series of interviews conducted by The Washington Post, NPR and Mother Jones, in an effort to elevate the benefits behind bipartisanship and the importance of effecting a credible and comprehensive investigation. Waxman remains true to his legacy by recommending Democrats handle investigations of the GOP administration with the same bipartisan regard he maintained during his time in office in order to establish trust among the nations voter population.

In a time where Republicans have controlled the House for 21 of the past 25 years, the Congressman urged Democrats to be selective on what they will use their oversight and investigative powers for. Waxman was quoted in a piece for the Washington Post explaining that, “Any investigation that looks like it’s just a political witch hunt or for partisan purposes will not be credible…If subpoenas are issued wildly and it’s not clear what they’re getting at, I think the Democrats would open themselves to attacks from President Trump.”

In an interview with Mother Jones reporter Pema Levy, the Congressman expressed the importance of investigating President Trump aggressively, but cautioned Democrats to conduct their oversight in a fair and credible fashion in order to effectively represent our democracy.  In encouraging Democrats to exercise power with oversight in a responsible way, Waxman pointed to his time as the chairman of the Oversight Committee where he made sure to ask for another ranking member’s opinion, or a vote from the committee before moving forward with requests for subpoenas in order to proactively avoid misuse of power.

Waxman was also featured in NPR on the prospect of Democrats winning control over the House, where he drove home the point that “oversight should focus on three goals: stop the waste of money, hold people accountable and make government work the way it should.”

Waxman emphasizes throughout his interviews that should the Democrats succeeded in obtaining power in the House that they should see it as a chance to learn from previous blunders in political oversight and consider it as an opportunity to return to the process of legitimate congressional oversight that yield results that the citizens of the United States can trust.

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