Recreational Fishing Companies are Threatening Our Oceans: Here’s How to Stop Them

With Summer just around the corner, many Americans are breaking out their tackle boxes and revving their boat engines in anticipation of sunny afternoons on the water, enjoying nature with their families. Unfortunately, a few companies with a short-term interest in selling a lot of relevant equipment, like boat motors and tackle, are quietly putting their profits over the health of our oceans and fish populations.

For the past 42 years, the United States has enjoyed the advantages of robust, efficient federal fisheries management systems that the recreational fishing lobby is now threatening with funding from special interest groups.

With the bottomless checkbook, companies like Yamaha and recreational fishing trade associations are working to repeal longstanding and sensible regulations on our fisheries. If successful, the results will be catastrophic – overfishing, the potential loss of fish populations, and the destruction of critical ecosystems.

Want to take action to stop corporate interests, like Yamaha, from prioritizing their short-term gains at the expense of our fisheries? Sign Mighty Earth’s music fans’ petition here!

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