Mighty Earth Campaign Against Deforestation Gains Traction

Mighty, a Waxman campaign collaboration with the Center for International Policy, gets results.

On September 1, Mighty released Burning Paradise, a groundbreaking report that documents Korean-Indonesian conglomerate Korindo’s systematic burning of rainforests in Papua. The report itself is a major milestone, but since its release, the campaign to stop Korindo’s illicit activities has gained impressive traction.

The report and our subsequent actions earned massive media attention. Here are a number of the articles by The GuardianThe Wall Street JournalThe IndependentMongabaySingapore Straits TimesEco-BusinessVocativQuartzJakarta GlobeJakarta Post and Deutsche Welle.

At the Indonesian launch, a spokesperson for Korindo admitted, “about the fire, it is true.” Afterward, the Indonesian government announced that it would follow up with its own investigation into Korindo’s activities.

From there, we released the report with Korean Federation for Environmental Movements in South Korea with a speaking tour and a theatrical demonstration of the devastation Korindo’s activities have caused to Indonesian ecosystems.

In light of Korindo’s actions, many major companies, like Nestle, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Unilever have confirmed they don’t use the company as a supplier. (You can see a more detailed graph of who has and hasn’t dropped the company here).

With people, press, companies and governments poised to take action, things are looking up for residents of the Papuan rainforest.

Below are some pictures reported in Korean media from our demonstration of Korindo’s impact on the Indonesian ecosystem.

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