Smart Buildings Equal Smart (Green) Savings


Contrary to popular belief, going green doesn’t have to be a financial drain. Energy efficiency technologies, for example, are an important way companies can both shrink their carbon footprint and save on energy use and expensive fluctuations in utility pricing. Verdigris is an artificial intelligence energy sensor company that makes it easy for large, mission-critical facilities to be both energy aware and cost-conscious, with tools that make large commercial buildings smarter and more connected.

Verdigris looked to us for help elevating awareness about the company and in launching their latest product, called Einstein. As smart as its name implies, Einstein is a new artificial intelligence energy analytics platform that turns buildings into smart, connected, living environments. In addition to being good for the environment, Einstein is an impressive technological feat.

We began by introducing Verdigris leadership to several key business journalists from CNBC, Bloomberg, FastCompany, Business Insider and others, whose articles are pending. We then pivoted to capture the attention of reporters who cover energy, Internet of Things and emerging technologies, specifically trade outlets with lines to potential customers. We planned and executed a launch event at the futuristic Jabil Blue Sky Center at no cost to our client. With careful planning and client preparation, Verdigris CEO Mark Chung unveiled and demonstrated the new technology before an engaged audience of reporters. The event was incredibly successful in building buzz around the company and resulted in coverage in desired outlets such as IoT Journal, Facility ExecutiveSmart Industry, Green Building News, Robotics and Automation News,, Green Energy Investing and the San Jose Mercury News.

Since launch, we’ve helped Verdigris further raise their profile as a mission-driven innovator disrupting the building and energy sectors. With our help, they’ve been featured on PRI’s The World and were named one of CBI Insight’s AI 100. On top of that Verdigris earned the distinction of being named one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Energy Companies.