Delinking Agricultural Production From Deforestation

National Wildlife Federation

Conservation policies in Brazil are proving to the world that rainforest conservation and economic growth can go hand in hand. In 2006, major soy companies instituted a moratorium on deforestation in the Amazon with major cattle companies not far behind. Within three years, Brazil had virtually eliminated deforestation for soy in the Amazon, all while doubling cattle and soy production. The cattle and soy moratorium is an amazing success story—one we’re dedicated to replicating throughout South America.

Though Brazil has significantly limited deforestation activities within its borders, the Amazon is still being cleared at a terrific pace elsewhere in Latin America. With funding from the National Wildlife Federation, we worked with investors representing several trillion dollars in assets under management to persuade the world’s largest agribusinesses to extend conservation practices to the rest of Latin America.

Within months, we had succeeded in persuading Archers Daniels Midland and Bunge, two of the world’s leading agribusinesses, to adopt and implement global No Deforestation policies. Building off these successes, we’re working to extend these commitments to other countries and companies. Just recently, we launched a campaign targeting consumer companies like Burger King that still rely heavily on irresponsibly raised soy and cattle.